Which cruise ship is the best cruise ship to choose if you are 25years old, 1st time cruiser, want to party?

My fiance and I are suppose to be planning a cruise; but want to choose the best cruise-ship IF that is such a thing. I’m 25years old; but mature and he’s 31years of age. We both want to enjoy ourselves and are able to party together. The two of us are very active and need to keep busy; but at the same time a romantic scenery. What cruise-ship should I choose by experience.

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    7 thoughts on “Which cruise ship is the best cruise ship to choose if you are 25years old, 1st time cruiser, want to party?

    1. Stinky Feet

      Carnival is the party ship.
      Royal Caribbean is the sports and activities ship.
      Princess is the love boat.

      I think if I were you I would take a Royal Caribbean cruise if I were you. It’s probably a good balance of everything. Just make sure you choose a good ship because not all of them have the mini golf, rock climbing wall, ice skating, etc.

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    2. Ciao_Bella

      Royal Carribean cruises are pretty luxe and fun with a mixed crowd.

      However, I’m not a high-maintenance kind of gal and my guy and I enjoy Carnival cruises a whole lot. They’re cheaper and the shore packages are fun (ziplining, dolphin play, atv’s, etc).

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    3. AYELLE put on some aviators :)

      Royal Caribbean cruises would probably fit you most. I know from going on cruises on Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Disney. I like Carnival because I’m a teenager and it’s fun for me but for your age and what you want it would definitely be Royal Caribbean. Go to the Caribbean! The Eastern and Southern parts are the best.

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    4. ctelly22

      Royal Caribbean would probably be the best choice for you. They have great nightlife but also tons of onboard activities. They are more expensive than carnival but there ships offer a lot more activities and the service is better, so it is worth the price. Royal Caribbeans voyager and freedom class ships would be best for you.

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    5. Di K

      I’m with ctell22. I have worked on cruise ships for 7 years and in that time, I have worked onboard 5 different cruise lines. For what you are looking for regarding your age and it being just yourself and your husband-to-be you definitely need to be onboard a voyager class Royal Caribbean ship. If your plans are a way off in the future, ie. not travelling until the end of next year (2009) check out http://www.oasisofthesea.com oh yeah now you are talking about a floating resort. This would fit your age group and the fact that you want to have fun. Wherever you go have fun.

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    6. Great Scott!

      Royal Carribean: Liberty of The seas is the best……………….tons of fun activities……alot of relaxing places……deffently go on that boat

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