8 thoughts on “When do you consider your baby as walking? Cruising around furniture or walking unaided?

  1. KooriGirl

    Unaided without a doubt.

    My first born was walking unaided when she was nine months old. My son however has cerebral palsy and is ten now, and has never got past the "holding on to furniture" stage, although now he uses a walker. I don’t think he’ll ever quite get to walking unaided, although at 15 months when he was cruising we had no idea he’d need aids.

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  2. Krazy K

    When they walk on their own without help. This could be a few days to a few months after walking along furniture.

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  3. Starsfan14

    Walking is unaided help- even if it is just a step or two at a time.

    Cruising is walking around furniture or using a walker. Some babies are walking within a few weeks of doing this. Some it takes a couple of months or more.

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  4. ♥♥Xanden's Mommy♥♥

    they are walking when they are moving unaided. cruising is moving along using the fruniture.

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  5. Twin Mummy

    unaided, I didn’t consider my twins as walkers until they were taking more than a few steps also!

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