Vacation destination? Where is the best place in America to travel for a GREAT Weekend?

I’m taking this vacation alone (maybe a couple of the fella’s if they clear it with the wife). I’ve excluded NY and Las Vegas becuase I’ll be going to those places in the upcomming months. This is my first seperate vacation (without the wifey) and I’d like to go someplace with some seriously good nightlife or Great rollercosters.

Things I like to do on Vacation…

Club (Hip Hop or Mixed)
Stay out late
Gamble (but somewhere that has other attractions or I may exceed my budget)


Ride Roller coaster (If there are any theme parks open in April I’d go visist if they have an exceptional roller coaster.

I know some of you have had exceptional Vacations and if you could recommend a place I’d apareciate it, thank you.
dcgirl GREAT answer, but I forgot to include, I’m from Houston so I go to New Orleans about once every 3 month, I’ve been so much It wouldn’t be worth my first solo vaction. Thanks for the answer though if I had never been you’d definatly have got "Best Answer"…

To every one else….

I’ve excluded New Orleans too… I go there too much already.

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    1. dcgirl

      New Orleans… you can do all of this except ride roller coasters. There’s a couple of casinos just steps from the French Quarter, lots of clubs of all sorts, there’s no last call, and it is a fun, fun, fun place! New Orleans is open for business post-Katrina and if you stick to the tourist areas you would hardly notice a hurricane had even been there. But the folks who work there could sure use your tip money, and will be very appreciative. I was there a few months ago, and I got stellar service everywhere I went. Had a blast!

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    2. Sandy

      I agree with the lady, New Orleans is great place! Real music, fun times, great food, and a rolly coaster is in Mississppi or Texas. I know Atlanta has one. 6 Flags over Georgia has a fun one and its on the way to New Orleans. Both ways!

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    3. kengoller

      Drink, Club, Stay out late = Key West
      Theme Park = Orlando

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    4. quietgiant

      Chicago….has everything you described and more…it is a great place to vacation

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