Single Parent Travel:Family Travel-Travel Video Alert Single parent travel is a complex issue and single parent travel is a kind of family travel very often ignored. Single parents are mostly single moms. There are single dads who want to travel with their kids too, but single moms mostly make up single travelers. Single parents are always left out of the travel experience and single parents when they travel always seem to be treated as second-class citizens. But single parents want to travel, they want romance and adventure and they to meet other single parents either for adventure, company or just companionship. But single parents very much want their kids to have a good time with other kids. Single parents are upset that most travel is either designed for couples or families. Very little travel is designed for single parents and their kids. There are 16.5 million single parent households in this country, and how about single grandparents and their kids? Then add to that gays who have been adopting children, but often travel alone with the child. Travel companies are catering to single parents trying to bring them together with other single parents for a night of romance, fun or just plain companionship. Resorts like Beaches and Sandals now offer vacations tailored specifically toward the single parent’s needs.

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