25 thoughts on “Raw Video: World’s Largest Cruise Ship

  1. abson1234

    A ship has alot inside could be like a resting place or fun place. If anything hit below, the places get block off and seal up water just be in that spot. You have a bed inside, import, export, rooms, halls, learning center, also all kinds of other things. you can also be on top for the view and workout place or training place. Fun place speaker place and all kinds of things.

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  2. abson1234

    Lights is at land and on boat for view or other things.

    interesting ship.

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  3. noodow715

    if this ship sinks, well lets just say that well all forget about the titanic

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  4. datmit2000

    @noodow715 i am afraid i have to agree with you.. lets hope this ship will never ever go down..

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  5. tupsumato

    @otamrof13, Oasis of the Seas has electric azimuth thrusters, so it’s just a simple matter or turning the pods 180 degrees and applying power. It stops faster from full speed than most smaller ships.

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  6. tupsumato

    @noodow715, there have been worse disasters than Titanic. They just aren’t that widely reported. In 2002 1800 passengers drowned when MV La Joola capsized of the coast of Gambia. In 1987 MV Doña Paz sank after collision with loss of 4375 passengers, resulting in the worst peacetime maritime disaster of all time. Considering the safety improvements onboard Oasis I don’t think that many lives would be lost.

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  7. dotsygirl101

    lets just hope they don’t say “Not even God can sink it.~” because then He might sink it lmao

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  8. rockoownz

    @FmAm25GuitaRskateR I’m assuming it went to the Phillipines? Or does it just do Atlantic Cruises?

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