2 thoughts on “Questions about Singles Cruises?

  1. Kbella

    Singles cruise are the best experience you can have if you have never been on a cruise. Carnival or Royal Carribean are very good cruise lines to book. Usually since you are about 24 You need to do the 21-35 age range but whose to say you might find some one in the carribean. Last but not least the cheapest time is during the fall the best time is during the early spring and summer.

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  2. Crystal G

    In my opinion the best cruise line is Carnival cruises, the age range would really depend on where the destination is, different age groups perfer different destinations. And the best time of the year would depend on what you are looking for, i.e. best price, singles, younger age group, older age group, weather, etc. I have a travel site that you can book cruises on http://www.MyTravelTopia.com and I actually went to training on and offline for cruises and i am a certified RTA for cruises. If you can give me more information, I could answer any of your questions and further assist you, you can email me at TravelTopiaInfo@yahoo.com I’d be more than happy to help. If you have already figured out which cruise you want to book and would like to look up prices, go ahead and visit my site http://www.MyTravelTopia.com Usually I come out cheaper, not always, but usually. Good luck!!

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