14 thoughts on “Latin Women Singles Vacations – Sunday Pool Party

  1. mryuca

    no shit me tiene revuelto el estomago en verlo. Plz like those fine ass gurls cant get a date. That shit is bullshit its definately prostitution and thats sick if they show it in the country cuz thats brainwashing latins into prostitution as well. Incase u didnt notice some of them are minors.

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  2. dejavu1407

    …hey..go in Philippines…more cute and beautiful ladies……Duh!!!

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  3. UltimateAlphaMale

    These tours are FOR REAL! Beautiful, traditional ladies. I’ve been there. Seems like some punk crybaby pussies and feminists here don’t like these men seeking a pretty, young, feminine lady with some family and moral values. Too bad. If women here don’t respect and value men, other women around the world will! Get over it. Buy yourselves a new battery operated dildo and some lube. And that includes all the insecure Latinos who don’t want the Latinas to find happiness – GFY and learn English.

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  4. pipiconbolas

    fucking overweight american fat-asses-old geezers…..
    fucking bitches……………
    enough said

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  5. flagship21

    Women in north america expect to much. did you really go on the tour?

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  6. connerjd

    I wonder if the tours are all of that. Regardless, I would like to see that country.

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