How much will my cruise be and other cruising questions?

1.Are there any other fees besides the actual cruise rate,government taxes,government fees,and the airport transportation?
2.Oh and is 4 for a four night Caribbean cruise for two on a Carnival cruise a good deal?
3.Any good(active)excursions in Cozumel and Key West.
4.Also how will the food be for me,I don’t expect a very fancy,elegant meal but I don’t want a McDonalds meal either.
5.Any other first time cruising things I should know what I will expect?

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    1. gummyroach

      Allow yourself anywhere from $200 to $500 in addition to the initial cost of your cruise.

      On many cruise lines, they will automatically add about $10 a day, per person, for automatic gratuities. This gets added to your final bill. Also, drinks (alcohol and soda) are usually not included, so any drinks that you buy get put on the final bill. If you book any excursions at the excursion desk on the ship, those will also be added to the final bill. Basically anything you buy on-board, like souvenirs, items from the shops, dining in specialty/reservations only restaurants or name-brand cafes and delis, or if you have any spa treatments. All of these things are usually not included in the initial price, and get added to your final bill at the end. It’s very easy to rack up a large bill!

      I’ve been to Cozumel once, and to Cancun twice. It’s a beautiful area! In Cozumel, try the jeep 4×4 jungle safari, it’s a lot of fun! You’ll get to see an area of the island that is all palm tree jungle, have a nice lunch on a gorgeous, private beach. It’s really nice.

      I think $800 divided by two ($400 per person) is a good price for a 4-night cruise. If you ended up paying $800 per person (not including airfare or those extra charges I mentioned) then you probably paid too much.

      Take a plug strip with you, because on most ships, there’s only one electrical outlet in the room. This way you can plug in all your gadgets, like battery chargers, dvd player, etc.

      Also, if you book a room with a balcony, bring a bungee cord to prop the balcony door open, if you want to enjoy the ocean air. (The air conditioning in the room probably doesn’t work with that door open though.)

      Have a great trip!

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