How long after cruising did your baby walk?

My daughter has been walking holding on to something [the coffee table, the sofa, etc] since 7 months old. She’s 10 months now, and is still to scared to try to take a step on her own. She’ll stand on her own momentarily, until she realizes she not holding on to something and then fall on her butt. I know she’ll walk when she’s ready, but just curious about how long this cruising stage lasts before walking. When did your child start walking?

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    4 thoughts on “How long after cruising did your baby walk?

    1. Valerie K

      You can help your baby walk fairly easily if you understand what to do. Maybe your child is a little slow to walk or is young, yet frustrated by their inability to walk. You can help your child to feel empowered by teaching them skills that will help your baby walk. Try to remember, though, that no matter what you do, your child will walk only when they are ready to walk. Even so, sometimes all they need is a little encouragement from Mom or Dad.

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    2. ♥ мσммy ʈσ βαby Ąĺęxíã Ÿủřęĺí ♥

      My daughter started cruising at 9 months old. She started walking at 11.5 months old. It took her 2.5 months after cruising to get the hang of walking.

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    3. hot mama

      My son started cruising at about six and a half months, started walking 2 days before 9 months, so about 2.5 months.

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    4. 0311Wifey

      My son started cruising around 8 months and was walking at 10 months

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