3 thoughts on “How do you work on a cruise ship kitchen?

  1. RV

    I think the best approach for you would to go to a good culinary arts school, then get some experience in the field. once you do that, apply for a job with one of the cruise lines.

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  2. maxmom

    Most cruise ship employees come from other countries. The requirement is that you live aboard for a minimum of 6 months at a time. After your 6 months are up, you are off for several weeks to 2 months, then back on for 6 months.

    The quarters are very small and you share a room with one or more people. The hours are long. It is not glamorous. Many Americans cannot adjust.

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  3. Mary

    Maxmom gave you some very good information! To that I would add that cruise companies generally require their employees to be at least age 21, and expect applicants to have 2 years of job experience in their fields prior to hire. You might, therefore, want to take some culinary classes when you graduate, and work in the culinary field for a couple of years prior to applying to work on a cruise ship.

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