25 thoughts on “fishmans – night cruising

  1. Koshukaido

    Well like there’s one less unskillful Japanese vocalist? We’ve got a lot of them you know

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  2. BeatleBeatleDamien

    wow.. I suprised that many people like them.. I’ve been like them so many years ago.. but I just realized that I can see them on youtube..!! thank youtube again. 5years ago when I visited japan for play music, I had some interview from some of magazine or something. They asked me “What bands do you like?” I said “Radiohead, doors, beatles and fishmans”. One guy of them suprised and asked me again “How do you know fishmans?” I also suprised.. ah.. I don’t know.. I’m drunken.. I like them..

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  3. ryukyutieda


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  4. mnieysits


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  5. shibusashirazu1990


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  6. BBobFrankk

    Fishmans is probably the most hilarious band name ever. I couldn’t help but crack up when I first heard it.

    Really great song too!

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  7. belocump

    their songs made me cry. of course , now ,too. 

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  8. devilmasaka


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  9. mashazee08


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  10. hasebeyusaku


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  11. akirakings

    いつかこの音が古く聞こえる日が来るんだろうか。 大好きな音楽がノスタルジックに変化するのはそんなに悪い事ではないような気がする。

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