25 thoughts on “Does the cruise ship wait for you?

  1. 2jzgteSupraJZA80

    perfect example why you need to be on time when they say 6pm they leave port you need to be there BEFORE 6pm..too bad so sad for those guys…ship will not stop so you would have to fly out to the next port to catch up

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  2. domirules28

    remember also that ships take longer distances to stop, much like freight trains…and it wastes fuel….if you can’t keep accruate time on your armitron, you lose…

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  3. MrJackPuto

    “Never get out of the boat. absolutely goddamn right, Unless you were goin’ all the way… Kurtz got off the boat – Captain Willard

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  4. peyton8675

    you should of called the pursers office they could of aclled the bridge

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  5. celebritycruises1

    no we can’t wait for guests that are late.because once we have singled up the lines it is a lot of waste of time and fuel to dock again.the other reason is because of the schedule of a precise ETA we may have to run on more speed to catch up to the next port in order to not delay..means extra fuel consumption for us..but if you are not too late there are possibilities that a pilot boat can bring you on board the ship. try not to be late..that’s the least you can do.. CRUISE SHIP’S OFFICER.

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  6. wintergirl08

    Anyone that laughed is cold hearted!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so bad for them like the cruise people should stop for them! The cruise company should give tem ALL their money back because that is so not fair, i mean they should have been on time but still!!!! It would have taken a long time to ret-tie the boat on to the dock 🙁 I hope hey got their money back,,you know what they shouldnt get their money back because they should let them go on another cruise for free!

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  7. dabulls1996

    Wow. What a bunch of idiots. No sympathy at all for these clowns. Stay on ships time! Wear a watch! How stupid can you be? The all aboard time is well in advance of the departure time.

    No excuse not to make it back on the ship unless there is a medical emergency.

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  8. dabulls1996


    What is wrong with you? Have you ever cruised? It doesn’t appear that you have. People are advised of the time to be back on board. As you leave the ship they scan your card and tell you what time to be back on board. There are signs all over the place telling you that.

    It’s not the cruise line’s fault. It’s the morons who can’t keep track of time.

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  9. Piano1515

    man that would make me cry….wer goin on a cruise this summer and im not even gona look back at the dock watching the people run….that would ruin your vacation if i wer them :'(

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  10. nycruisr

    Something to keep in mind when you get too adventurous and get too far from the ship and can’t get back in time. ( or you just zoned out and lost track of time ) An expensive mistake.

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  11. jflor98

    It’s not rocket science, the cruises leaves at a certain time and it’s your responsibility to be there with plenty of time to spare.

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  12. treynich87

    I’d like to see these people on a real Sailor’s ship. They sound too high maintenance to last on a Navy vessel. They could use a little salt.

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  13. timman19

    Carnival, the line shown here, will wait for you if you are on a tour that that they run. In that case, you pretty much have to head straight for the ship with your tour. If you are visible to the crew (i.e. waiving at them) as they pull the gangway, they will give you a few minutes to get on board but that’s all. They know how many people are missing when they sail so they are usually on the lookout for late arrivals if they have people missing at sailing time.

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  14. mightysun1

    @remembawhen – that’s true. if the excursion is late, it is actually the ship’s responsibility

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