25 thoughts on “Disney Cruise Line

  1. TheBlueWalls

    Don’t blame disney, you retard!!
    How the hell would they know bout this freaking dumb ass 7 year old bitch,

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  2. PauloSousaFans

    um no, i’m going to disney world this summer.
    plus, the disney dream doesn’t sail until 2011.

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  3. iwuvwooforever

    um dont be a fucking retard paulosausafan it doesent sail in 2011 it sails when ever dumbass then how come im going in MARCH 2010 I ALREADY GOT THE RESERVATIONS N IM GOING IN MARCH~!

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  4. nivlemelvin

    Good thing they don’t go to the mediteranean where the waves get to 30 feet high ! Talk about a wave pool ! LOL !

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  5. applesweeter

    I went to the Royal Caribbean Cruise. Next time, I hope I can onboard a Disney Cruise.

    For those audience who had been onboard Disney Cruise, how was you experience on the ship?

    Plase tell me!! 🙂

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  6. funnygal11

    @nivlemelvin Actually, they do. Thanks for freaking me out. I’m going next year.

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  7. nivlemelvin

    I’m sure you will be fine. Those big waves are very rare and only appear after a bad storm, which happenes infrequently. If a storm does occur, just stay on the upper decks in an inward location away from windows. I didn’t mean to scare you , sorry.

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  8. ilaha77

    @applesweeter we went 7 days cruse last september for our angels 1 st birthday ( castaway key, cozumel, key west…) It was amazing. Super clean super cool and friendly stuff . We r going again with Disney in May 2010 for 11 days Mediterranean

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  9. ilaha77

    @applesweeter Also try to book earlier. If u do it u will get update for a room. We got again update for our room. We booked for inside room but got oseanview :)) which means our room was with 77% off 999$ per person for inside room , but we got the room which is 3249$ with discount :))) yeahhhhhhhhhhh
    PS: Shore excursions r very expensive in Mediterranean

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  10. migaje15

    what is better disney cruise line or royal caribean intenational????

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  11. ThePhoenix093

    i went on the cruise in 2007 it was awesome i heard there was a new ride called The Aqua Duck its awesome i want to go on the cruise again so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. aoginchan

    Good for the people going for a cruise, It’s wonderful to stay in a cruise ship but do you imagine how wonderful the life of a crew member is. Imagine being a dishwasher, for a 2,600 passenger ship. 2,600 plates times 3 (breakfast, lunch, dinner) pots and pans that cooks the food, as big as a person, glasses, silverware, cleaning of the galley, sanitation, etc. Wow! you will do that for 7 days a week for 7 months. And to think Cruise companies pays just a meager $370 a month.

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  13. aoginchan

    Oh did I tell you I get paid more.
    5 bucks an hour past 70 hours in 7 days. Meaning I have already worked 10 hours a day. I still have lots of energy. did I tell you it is compulsary to work 2 to 3 hours more past 10 hours a day. I have worked for 12-13 hours. I wanna still earn extra, I wash the clothes of my well of crew mates (Officers, entertainers, cruise staff) for 5 bucks a bag load, or cut their hair or give them massages, sell phone cards.

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  14. aoginchan

    Oh! I didn’t realize I am up for about 15 hours already, got to get some rest, sleep for 7 hours, do my toilet needs for 15 minutes. Eat my breakfast, lunch, dinner in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I have to do this for 7 months to feed my family so that when I get back home I can dance the Rumba for 2 1/2 months and drink chai tea and eat balut and drink vodka with my friends while singing Bob Marley songs.

    I love the ship life. I just wish to God that my son has a better life than I have.

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