25 thoughts on “Cruise ship sinking.

  1. 83uoykcuf

    @MegaWolfgang They should’ve been sentenced to a public drowning.

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  2. jtrikal

    Everybody saw saved my friend. Hard to believe ha??
    We are talking about Greek Captain and Senior officers!!!!!!!

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    @jessecat6 So if you have TONS OF FRIENDS why do you have to LIE and say one of them died on this ship!!!!! You are pathetic if you can only get attention in this way! Lying retard! END.

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  4. the06bug

    @MrWillaa a lot more people died on Titanic than Oceanos. I don’t think any were lost on Oceanos…

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    @jessecat6 oh thanks but now i have 0 friends :'( Hee Hee Hee.

    Go on tell us all why you said your friend died on this ship. LIAR.

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  6. muckitall84

    Yes the guitarrist is a hero he saves many or? all lives?!!
    I hope the kaptain and his crew get the payback!!

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  7. logicCplusplus

    This is interesting where the fuck was the captain and high ranking officials? Did they ever find them? Or did they go down with the ship?

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  8. MonkeySharingan

    Like they said in the video, the crew was cowardly and drifted off on a lifeboat the moment the ship started sinking.

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    @jessecat6 Job done! Don’t ever make threats that you can’t back up. ASSHOLE.

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  10. projet941

    @logicCplusplus Of course they were found, they saved their own lives leaving pax on the ship. They went on trial shortly thereafter, and the captain was condemned (If I recall correctly). These guys are murderers !

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  11. MediaMisDirected

    three days later while at his home in the hamptons, a knock comes on the captains door. when he opens it. a mob of 400 people drag him around back and drown him in his own swimming pool. street justice

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  12. Zareiff

    How was this all captured on film? I assume some of it could have been recreated for this program…but a lot looks like it would be too expensive to recreate without a feature film budget. If the passengers were all panicking, who thought to video tape the whole thing?

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  13. britrob24

    that crew is full of nothing but cowards, what a shame.. can we say lawsuit?

    The magician and guitarist were true heroes when they didn’t have to take on that responsibility.
    I would have stayed with the magician, he could have done a magic trick and kept us alive lol

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  14. oneforsmall

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  15. ad2181

    Fast forward ten years, this is analogious Greek fiscal crisis of today. Both ship and county will sink, the Australian band members and now the Germany people will save the passengers. Where is the Greek crew or the Greek rich, they abandon ship and country along time ago.

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  16. squadman33

    This was big news. Total incompetence and cowardice of the crew. They run the ship like they run their economy. They should have been tied to the ship propeller.

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