Cruise Ship Oasis of the Seas Royal Caribbean New Ship Video (pt 1 of 4)

(Part 2-3-4 on this channel) The Oasis of the Seas is Royal Caribbeans newest and grandest ship to date. 5400 passengers and 7 neighborhoods. Cruise Zanza Blue – millions of miles at sea.

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    25 thoughts on “Cruise Ship Oasis of the Seas Royal Caribbean New Ship Video (pt 1 of 4)

    1. KikiKalena

      I’m going on it this Saturday! It sure has more stuff on it than any other ship!

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    2. pwnemaster

      LUCKY! i went on a cruise during the summer and it was nothing compared to this ship

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    3. 9reallife9

      this is the best ship of all time :))) i just got off it this past weekend and it was amazing. tha oasis has EVERYTHING to offer 😀 2 floriders, 2 rock walls, and teen parties every night till 1 am. :]]]

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    4. Eyehategod213gr

      @9reallife9 Very nice ship but I believe the old liners was the best ships ever (like SS American Star -R.I.P.- and many others)

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    5. drummerlead

      @spencerdev91 I guess that is a legitimate concern, but because of the tragedy that happened to Titanic, there are lots of regulations that the crew has to follow also the guidelines for building safer ships. For instance, they can’t go anywhere near the iceberg infeseted areas of the sea, and they need to have enough lifeboats on board for everyone. And everyone that works on the ship is required to do evacuation drills.

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    6. spencerdev91

      @drummerlead let’s say for instance they did happen to hit the same size iceberg or maybe an even larger one and in the same location as the titanic it most likely wouldn’t sink though because the material is different obviously, right? how might a ship like this sink if it doesn’t hit an iceberg or get hit by a torpedo?

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    7. drummerlead

      @spencerdev91 It wouldn’t hit an iceberg because there are regulations as to where they are allowed to travel, and they would be alerted to any such hindrance at sea, now that they have much more technological advances. As for a torpedo? I don’t think that would happen at all in today’s day and age either. I’m not sure just HOW it would sink, but the crew and the passengers are required to go through an evacuation drill should something like this happen eliminating tragic circumstances.

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    8. Wilneyshka7

      Hay que tentaciones tan MALAS me dan. Ese barco esta SUPER HERMOSO, es el MEJOR BARCO que hay hasta el momento. Me imagino que es caro, pero no creo que se me sea imposible ir. Desde la primera vez que lo vi me enamoré. Tiene variedades de cosas, WOW!!. Yo querooo!!.. jeje. De verdad, que el que se inventó esto, se guillo bien BRUTAL!, tu sabes cuantos chavos va a ganar ese barco. Yo no me quiero imaginar los barcos que vengan más adelante; que sean mucho MÁS GRANDES y con muchas más cosas.

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    9. JuniorRox19


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    10. nastyeddi3

      i love finland they build it man they know how to make people happy!!

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    11. ice6cold6killa6

      im going on the allure next year and was just on this 2 weeks ago

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