Alaska Cruises 2009 video – Holland America Line

Experience the beauty of the Inside Passage and the wonders of Southeast and Southcentral Alaska aboard one of our spectacular 7-day Alaska cruise vacations. We offer a greater selection of Alaska cruise itineraries than any other cruise line and are the only cruise line to offer Glacier Bay National Park on all three major cruise itineraries. Our sailings also include Hubbard Glacier in Wrangell-St Elias National Park or the twin Sawyer Glaciers of Tracy Arm guaranteeing you the ultimate Alaska glacier experience. We have been cruising Alaska for over 56 years; let us share with you its wonders and wild beauty. More information at

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    24 thoughts on “Alaska Cruises 2009 video – Holland America Line

    1. futurepilot2015

      haha if this doesn’t convince to cruise with them… great promo!

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    2. drdave2468

      just got off the ship two nights ago and the scenery was awesome! was working in the bridge!

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    3. bublmidget

      wow cool. I’m going later this month!! First cruise, any advice on excursions? I haven’t booked those yet!!

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    4. CPUzero

      Wow for like 1 minute at the end they were bragging about how many awards they have, after going on one of there cruises, they deserve to brag

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    5. womaninshoe

      I just got off of the Zuiderdam this morning and had the most incredible time. Advice, bring a HD camera, you will need it. If you are going to tour Ketchikan bring a warm rain coat and rain pants, with rainfall of about 160″ of rain a year, you will probably need it. Be prepared to be pampered and spoiled. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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    6. dunghoe2007

      I have witnessed global warming for years. Coming from Alaska, I have seen glaciers retreat. I came across this video called “Alaska, The Tracy Arm Experience” on Film Baby that shows global warming in action.

      I showed my former global warming skeptic friends this movie and they all now believe it is happening at an alarming rate.

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    7. torofighter

      you can book excursions right on the ship. many people do and we did. Otherwise if you know right away what you want, I think you can book online. Have fun

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    8. nanayblueseal

      ive been there before and i am craving to get there soon and i have always fun w/ all of the food that we ate specially when they suggest something i remember the chef that gave me a special food everyday his name is neil pastrana in ms veendam i think they should give him a raise… goodluck to all of you guys and have fun go!.. holland america line

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    9. arrow4610

      holland ammerica is prob 1 of the best cruise lines ive been on this cruise is i think is the best during june

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