1st euro trip:should i go solo or on one of the group tours for singles like contiki & intrepidtravel?

paris, london, amstersdam, rome, barcelona, madrid, ibiza, prague are what my friends are recommending. im also looking for great nightlife. thanks!

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    2 thoughts on “1st euro trip:should i go solo or on one of the group tours for singles like contiki & intrepidtravel?

    1. Strudders67

      It depends on how outgoing you are and how much of each place you want to see vs how much you just want to party.

      The places you suggest are great but I’d add Paris, Berlin & Vienna to your list too and perhaps Venice and Florence.

      I don’t know Intrepid as a Euro tourer, but Contiki are very much a party party party outfit.

      Personally, I would travel independantly and stay in hostels – you’ll meet different people as you travel, can decide how long YOU want to spend in each place and will see more, but then, I’ve travelled a lot.

      I’ve done a few trips similar to Contiki, particularly in my early days of travelling, and had an absolute blast….just check their itinerary and work out how much of each place you’re going to see with a near-permanent hangover; if that doesn’t bother you – go for it. You can always go back another time and travel around on your own, once you have more confidence.

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    2. krisskross

      All those cities you have listed are wonderfull. You might also consider Copenhagen(denmark) and Valencia(spain). Amesterdam is very beautifull in may/june. Rome, Paris and Madrid may get very hot in july…….Ibiza is definitely the nr.1 party place. But what is great nightlife? technoparties? hm….
      I don’t think so. If you want good nightlife and a young atmosphere look to Valencia.
      I wouldn’t recomend to travel alone to europe. Europeans are not the easiest to get to know…..But you can of course stay in a youth hostel where you will meet friends. But never travel to europe alone and stay in a hotel, unless you actually want to be alone 🙂
      Happy holliday!

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